Insurance and liability law

Whether you are the contracting authority or a contractor, engineering firm, coordinator, architect or any other party in a construction project, there are a number of risks that cannot be avoided in everyday practice at the construction site.

To which risks are you exposed, and for which situations would you like insurance coverage? Is consequential damage covered? How about immaterial damage? Are conceptual errors covered in your special all-risk insurance policy? What about damage to existing property?

DLPA Advocaten can assist you, as a party in a construction project, in safeguarding yourself against specific liabilities. If this proves impossible, concluding a tailored insurance policy is of the utmost importance, and it is imperative that you are clearly aware of the extent of your cover, and for which type of damage. Of course, certain types of insurance are also compulsory for specific parties in a construction project. DLPA Advocaten can guide you through the labyrinth of insurance policies, also with regard to analysing and fine-tuning such insurance contracts. Examples of these include special all-risk insurance, ten-year liability, professional liability and civil liability insurance policies.

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