Labour law

As an employer, it is not always easy to find your way in the labyrinth of regulations in relation to labour law, particularly in those instances where recruitment, working hours, remuneration and/or dismissal are concerned. What provisions are included in your employment contracts and employment conditions? Would you like to set down agreements about working from home, mobility or other in-company regulations? Are you thinking about ways to deploy your employees more flexibly, and having doubts about this? Can you instantly dismiss an employee (e.g. for urgent reasons)? As an employer, you are continually faced with all sorts of questions to which the answer may not be so obvious, and which often require tailor-made solutions.

You may also have numerous questions about your role as an employer. What happens if your employment conditions are suddenly amended? Or if you are faced with an unexpected dismissal? What are your rights and obligations as an employer?

DLPA Advocaten can provide you with advice, whether you are an employee or employer, in every phase of the employment process by offering you targeted advice, and by reviewing your employment contracts and other agreements, as well as employment conditions, correspondence, and so on. We can also protect your interests in the event of conflict situations (impending or actual) and disputes placed before the labour courts.

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