Commercial contracts and conflicts

Every company regularly concludes contracts. These include agreements concerning the purchase and sale of goods and services – often including the accompanying general terms and conditions, as well as collaboration contracts, exclusivity agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and so on.

A watertight contract offers protection against possible disputes arising during its execution. DLPA Advocaten can help you in drawing up agreements in all domains that you, as an entrepreneur, come into contact with, both in terms of B2B and B2C. Thanks to our many years of experience in reviewing contracts as well as in the procedures in relation to their application, we can give you excellent advice concerning the special points of attention and any pitfalls you should be aware of. We can also guide you through contract negotiations.

Every company will inevitably be faced, at one time or another, with a dispute concerning the execution of an agreement or commercial affairs of whatever nature. You can, of course, call on us for advice, assistance to help you arrive at an amicable solution, or guidance in legal proceedings, should this be necessary.

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