Real estate contracts and transactions

The importance of a watertight contract cannot be underestimated. Conflicts can easily be avoided and legal certainty increased thanks to well-drawn-up contracts. This applies, above all, to real estate transactions, which often go hand in hand with significant sums of money and long-term partnerships.

In the course of many years, DLPA Advocaten has gained extensive experience in drawing up real estate contracts for a diversity of purposes (e.g. contracting, purchase, lease, proprietary use rights, right of superficies, usufruct, easement, etc.). We will be happy to contribute our input with a view to arriving at a tailored solution for your situation and to advise you in conducting negotiations and drawing up contracts, and additionally in the phase following the conclusion of the contract.

Contacts within this expertise:

Piet Lombaerts

Francis Volckaert

Within each of these areas of expertise, our firm is ready to assist you.

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