Lease of commercial and other property

Are you thinking of leasing commercial (or other) property? Would you like to know to which extent you are protected under the provisions of commercial (or non-commercial) tenancy law? Are you embroiled in a dispute with your tenant or landlord? Do you need assistance in initiating legal proceedings or in respect of legal proceedings that are already underway?

You can turn to DLPA Advocaten for every aspect of tenancy law (the lease of residential as well as commercial property, joint tenancy, immovable property leasing, etc.). We will be happy to provide you with any advice you may need in relation to the applicable laws and regulations. In addition to the above, our team can offer you assistance in the event of disputes and/or legal proceedings, and help you draw up a tailored lease agreement or review an existing contract.

Contacts within this expertise:

Francis Volckaert

Emily Van Damme

Within each of these areas of expertise, our firm is ready to assist you.

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