Intellectual property rights and company secrets

DLPA Advocaten will be happy to place its specialised knowledge and experience in all aspects of intellectual property law at your disposal. We can advise you on copyright and design rights, as well as trademarks, domain names and brands, plus patent rights. You can call on us for assistance in drawing up contracts (licence agreements, transfer of intellectual property, etc.) and additionally to represent your interests in negotiations, a dispute or legal proceedings (violation of intellectual property rights, prohibitory injunctions, etc.).

Important know-how or company secrets can be of inestimable value to a business undertaking. We therefore provide practical advice on how to protect important information such as this as securely as possible, and which actions can be taken if such information were to fall into the wrong hands or be used in an unlawful manner.

Contacts within this expertise:

Trees Vuylsteke

Emily Van Damme

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