Purchase, hire and lease

Purchase, hire and lease agreements often concern immovable property, such as the purchase and sale of real estate or the lease of residential and commercial property or offices and other real estate. These agreements can also relate to movable goods, such as the hire of equipment for your business, the purchase of raw materials or the sale of your final product or services.

Thanks to a watertight agreement, you can protect yourself from any disputes arising in relation to this. You can turn to DLPA Advocaten for assistance in reviewing agreements such as these.

However, the execution of these agreements does not always run as smoothly as we would expect. You may run into problems such as incomplete or faulty deliveries, hidden defects or non-payment. If this happens, you can call on us for an analysis of your position, advice on the actions you can take to remedy these situations, assistance in an attempt to arrive at an amicable solution and, as a last resort, to serve as your legal counsel should litigation be inevitable.

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