Insurance contracts

DLPA Advocaten provides preventive assistance to insured persons, insurance intermediaries and insurers with regard to policy conditions (compliance and risk analysis) but also in assessing the feasibility of various insurance law claims in response to a concrete claim (e.g. fire, building collapse, a conceptual error in the construction of a building, burglary, trading loss as well as complaints concerning noise and other antisocial behaviour or damage caused to or by buildings, recall, professional liability, cybercrime, directors’ liability, environmental pollution, etc.).

As a business enterprise, you are faced with a wide range of risks each and every day, which you would like to see covered to the greatest extent possible. In many cases, however, correctly interpreting the various policies and their full scope within the framework of the general and special insurance conditions offered is difficult, or some time may have passed since the last time your risks and policies were reviewed.

DLPA Advocaten can assist you in meticulously assessing the risks to which your business enterprise is exposed, and help you update your policies with a view to ensuring optimal protection.

In addition to the above, you can also turn to us for amicable negotiations and litigation following damage, in which DLPA Advocaten can help you with the calculations for and formulation of your claim for damages or the rejection of such claims.

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