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Klaas Vanneste

Lawyer since 2011

Klaas Vanneste gained his Masters in Law from KU Leuven in 2010. He received the APR Prize for his master's thesis on the waiver of recourse clause in fire insurance policies and private rental contracts. In 2011, he gained an LL.M in International Commercial Law from King’s College London, along with a certificate of completed negotiation training. His research paper, “Decoupling Economic Rights from Voting Rights: A Threat to the Traditional Corporate Governance Paradigm” was published in the academic journal European Business Organization Law Review (EBOR).

Klaas worked until 2017 as a junior lecturer at the Institute for the Law of Obligations and the Centre for Methodology of Law at KU Leuven. He became a partner at DLPA in 2018.

At DLPA Law, Klaas mainly focuses on company, commercial and insolvency law. He can assist you with a merger or takeover, gives advice to businesses, directors and shareholders and represents your interests in court. Klaas also gives seminars on these subjects and publishes articles on both company law and contract law.

Languages: NL - FR - EN