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Bram Delbecke

Lawyer since 2013

Bram Delbecke studied history and law at KU Leuven. Before he became a lawyer, he was an academic at KU Leuven, where he successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the development of press and media law in 2010. His article on the position of journalists under labour law was awarded the Vives Prize by the Tijdschrift voor Sociaal Recht in 2008.

Bram became a partner at DLPA in 2018. At DLPA, Bram mainly concentrates on cases linked to human resources, and he works in the general area of individual and collective labour law. Bram has also gained particular experience in advice and litigation in the field of international employment, social inspections, accidents at work and transfers of staff between businesses. He regularly gives seminars and lectures on these subjects.

Languages: NL - FR - EN